Why did your last relationship end?

Have you dated a guy that turns out not to be who or what you first thought of him? It's time to stop dating frogs and become able to attract the guy that you want to keep!

I want you to stop and think about the question I’m going to ask you: “Why did your last relationship end?”

In general terms there is one reason that men fall back on to break up or why you thought things would never work out between the two of you and you ended the relationship: You wanted different things in life.

A simple statement but this covers all the ground of different life goals, differences of opinions and even who is in charge of your relationship.

Wouldn’t life be easier if you didn’t have to “Date the frogs” to catch your prince?

Put your magic wand (or more likely unattainable dreams) away!

This isn’t an impossible goal. Single people get engaged and yes, even married(!) every day. Women have found the right person to share their life with in a committed, monogamous relationship. They have battled through the singles scene, through friends and family set-ups, online dating and maybe even blind dates in an effort to find their “prince”. And they won!

You can win too if you follow through with understanding your expectations better rather than trying to change your expectations to fit the available men in your life.

Let’s call your changing expectations “Selfish Love”.

When you’re in a newish relationship (the first couple of months) and you become the “doer”, doing the nurturing things that you’d want to be done for yourself, you’re on the path to losing the relationship.

Your “Selfish Love” is the need to express yourself and the feelings you have for your man by doing the things you’d want done for you. But your man doesn’t understand that this is what is happening (you may not even see it happening yourself, not yet!) and he accepts your actions and deeds as “what women do”.

His expectations are now set at an unmaintainable level that will end in arguments when your “duties” aren’t completed as he becomes used to these things being done for him.

You have turned what you expect to be done for you into actions of what you do for yourself and him and when this becomes too much of a demand the relationship suffers and oftentimes ends.

You “Kissed a frog” by not setting your relationship expectations on reality but on maintaining the relationship to the point of being the “doer” and “nurturer” and ending up “doing” for yourself in the relationship to keep yourself happy.

The end of the relationship was inevitable because it was not an equally established relationship.

This doesn’t have to be how being half of a couple happens for you.

Your “Selfish Love” can be restrained by allowing yourself the latitude to be flexible in your expectations and reinforcing the equality of your dating relationship so that you both “expect” and “do” as equal partners.

If you do find yourself “taking the reins” of the relationship by being the one responsible for planning dates, catering dinners, motivating your man to be with you when you want to do things together, your frog will appear in the place of the man you were first attracted to and the end of your interest in him is at hand.

So, the question now is “How to stop dating and kissing frogs?”

The short answer is to select your dates better. Did you expect something else?

Let’s go back to the first question I asked you: “Why did your last dating relationship end?”

Did you really “Date the frog” or did you just turn your prince into a frog? Was the man you were initially attracted to be of a lower standard than you actually anticipated? Was the man a frog to start with but you just didn’t know it?

Tough questions require hard answers.

And the toughest question is still “How to stop dating frogs?”

The long answer is for you to download the ebook “Catch Him and Keep Him”. Starting on page 90 (keep in mind I want you to start reading on page one!) we’ll discuss “Selfish Love” and how to control the urge to be the “doer” early in your relationship, keep your expectations based in reality with the man you are with, and have only a successful relationship in your future.

And to have the knowledge to pick your “Prince” next!

The easiest answer is to download the digital ebook "Catch Him and Keep Him" right now.

I know that if you've seen yourself in this article you're also ready to make some small changes to your life, your dating and be able to define the type of man that you want in your life.

If you don't go further right now, you'll never know if there's only another frog in your future.

Finally had enough of being the "hook-up"?

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